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miss ashley

Cave In 9-18-03

Just got home from the Cave In show w/ From Autumn to Ashes, Every Time I Die, and Funeral for a Friend (who were totally awesome, as well) @ Saint Andrew's Hall in Detroit. Here's how the set list looked for the evening:

Moral Eclipse
The Calypso
Big Riff
Halo of Flies

Hmm...only 2 songs from Antenna? This show was seriously amazing, the best out of any I've seen so far. Big change from Lollapalooza, where they played mostly Antenna songs. I'm a big fan of Jupiter/Tides/Antenna, but the older songs completely blew me away live. The crowd for this show was also more rowdy, and they definitely picked up on the fact that we wanted to hear some of the older stuff.

If I had to pick the best two songs out of the whole thing, I'd say Juggernaut and Big Riff were the best. They really got into those two, and we were pumped up by the end of the show.

The guys looked a little bit tired/weary, though, probably from so much touring, and didn't hang out too much afterwards like they have in the past. I talked to Stephen for a few minutes, but didn't get a chance to say hi to the rest.

Anyone else seen them on the From Autumn to Ashes tour? I'd be interested in hearing what your shows were like, too.

I'll post pics once they're developed. For now, here's one from Lollapalooza:


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I saw them in providence, they played pretty much the same songs but substitute dark driving for droned and jupiter for calypso (i would've liked to hear calypso though, they don't seem to play that much). But yes, the old material was amazing, they opened with Moral Eclipse and the crowd went absolutely apeshit. And it was a reaaaallly nice surprise to hear halo of flies. Whatever tiny amount of faith I had lost in these guys has been completely restored
edit: they played dark driving, not the calypso. sorry, i typed this at like 3 am after the show.